Equipment & automation

ELISA Analysers

Thunderbolt Instrument Features


• Vircell ELISA & VirClia kits are validated on the Thunderbolt.

• Powerful Automation: load and walk away.

• High capacity: 192 samples and 24 monotest.

• Intuitive Software: Software that works the way your lab does.

• Intelligent Racks: Automatic sample location management.

• High Precision Micro -Syringe: Aspirate 1µl with less than 3% CV.

• Built-in Reader: Ultra-compact & fully-automated reader options (EIA or CLIA+EIA)

• Convection Incubator: Eliminate “Edge Effect” by evenly heating each well.

• Probe-Mounted Camera: Real-time process monitoring and remote diagnostics.

• Sliding Sample Tray: Easy loading and unloading of samples.

• Built-in Barcode Reader: Streamline loading and decrease sample tracking errors.

• Orbital Shaker: No-spill design, up to 900 RPM.

• Small Footprint: Fits on a 60cm deep standard laboratory bench.