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TRIO.BAS at “Cleanzone” Congress in Frankfurt

The complete family of TRIO.BAS microbial air samplers was presented at “CleanZone 2015” in Frankfurt, the specialized international congress for Cleanrooms.

The innovative idea of a sampler with 3 aspirating heads had a large success and was appreciated by the numerous visitors.

According to Roberto Ligugnana, President of ORUM International, the advantages of the 3 heads in a single sampler can be summarized:

A. The risk of microbial contamination from operator is reduced because 3 heads are filled with culture plates at once.

B. The time is reduced because 1000 litres of air can be sampled in less than 3 minutes.

C. It is possible to program sampling time at the beginning, during and at the end of each shift.

D. Different culture media can be used at the same time (e.c. TBC, yeast, moulds).

E.  Three plates of the same culture media are used at the same time to calculate an average results according the Good Microbiological Practice.

TRIO.BAS, the yellow microbial air sampler, is covered by patents and it is produced in Italy by the ORUM International  with an experience of 40 years in the field of microbial environmental monitoring.

More documentation about TRIO.BAS can be found by linking:

TRIO.BAS Definitivo trio bas-2015.pdf489.27 KB