Equipment & automation

Microaerophilic Workstations

Whitley Variable Atmosphere Workstations are used primarily in the study and isolation of microaerophilic organisms such as Campylobacter spp and Helicobacter pylori. Up to 4 gases - nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air and a 10% hydrogen/nitrogen mix - can be combined within safe and varying ratios to provide a specific atmosphere. A microprocessor controls and maintains the selected mixture.


Whitley VA500 Workstation

Whitley VA500 with Airlock


Whitley VA1000 Workstation


Whitley VA1000 with Airlock


Please note: If you are handling smaller volumes of plates but require a quicker, more effective method of cultivating your microaerobes, please see our section on the Whitley Jar Gassing System and find out how to achieve microaerobic conditions in just under 15 seconds.