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WASP - Whitley automated spiral plater

Catalog #: DWS.S00600

The Whitley automated spiral plater (WASP) eliminates serial dilutions. It offers a real reduction in the cost per test and standardises counting methods. It is used in the food industry to test for safe levels of bacteria and as a quality assurance and research tool in pharmaceuticals, water and dental.

•Use without any consumables ensuring minimal running costs.
•A single keystroke operation loads the sample, inoculates a plate and cleans the stylus to optimise sample throughput speed.
•It can dispense volumes from 10 µl to 400 µl providing immense flexibility and repeatability.
•8 x 50 µl plates can be prepared in Syringe Mode in 2 minutes 35 seconds.
•Optional 15cm turntable to enable the use of 15cm plates.
•Optional self-centering, adjustable turntable – allows 9cm plates from different manufacturers to be used without manual adjustment.
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