Equipment & automation


Biosan has been a reliable and responsible manufacturer of innovative laboratory equipment for more than 18 years.


The main mission of Biosan is the development of new methods of research and diagnostics as well as the design of innovative and reliable equipment for sample preparation and molecular diagnostics in Life Science.


Our range:


  1. Rockers, Shakers, Rotators
  2. Thermo-shakers, Shakers-incubators
  3. Vortexes
  4. Centrifuges, Multispins, Combispins
  5. Thermostats, Water Baths, Dry Blocks
  6. Magnetic stirrers, Overhead stirrers
  7. UV-cabinets for PCR, UV-Air recirculators
  8. Densitometers, Fluorometers
  9. Washers, Aspirators
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