Airborne infection control


Novaerus is the first system for airborne infection control to show significant results in a wide range of healthcare environments and facilities. Utilising clinically proven Plasma Technology, developed and manufactured in Ireland, Novaerus works 24/7 to eradicate all airborne viruses, bacteria, moulds and odours. Novaerus destroys even the most harmful contaminants; including MRSA, C-Di , Norovirus and Influenza, among many others.


It is essential that infections be addressed in all vectors of transmission – including the air. The air defines the environment we live in. It connects – via air currents – all areas of a health care facility – no matter how far flung. Scientific evidence shows that about one third of all nosocomial infections occur due to airborne transmission (Kowalski, 2007). In other words, daily routines inside a hospital have been shown to stir up airborne microorganisms, which then travel throughout the entire facility. Continuously sterilising the air with Novaerus leads to significantly reduced surface contamination, thus logically reducing the bio- burden on contact points.

Infections are spread when:

  • Bed linens are changed
  • Housekeepers dust or vacuum a patient room
  • A patient naturally sheds skin (occurs at a rate of 30,000+ skin cells/hour)
  • Someone coughs (emitting 40,000+ viral particles), sneezes or speaks
  • Visitors & staff members walk in & out of rooms and through hallways
  • Patients visit the bathroom
  • Curtains are opened and closed
  • Staff members make contact with counters, desks, and other surfaces

Pathogens are constantly on the move. While current hygiene protocols which focus on hand and surface hygiene are essential, adding highly efficient air sterilisation from Novaerus closes the “infection control loop” by radically lowering the number of pathogens in the air and settling on surfaces.

How it works

In 2008, the CDC Guidelines for Disinfection and Sterilisation in Healthcare Facilities recognised plasma as an approved method of sterilisation for surgical instruments.
Novaerus recognised that even an ultra-low power plasma field, controlled and concentrated, will kill harmful microorganisms before they make contact with your residents, patients and staff.
Ames Research Centre, a field research centre conducting world- class research and development in aeronautics, exploration technology and science, have carried out extensive independent testing, showing Novaerus plasma technology to be swiftly and uniquely destructive to the genetic material of micro- organisms.

It reduces infection rates

4,100,000 patients acquire a HAI in the EU every year. The number of deaths occurring as a direct consequence of these infections is estimated to be at least 37,000. Reducing infection levels in healthcare institutions will logically reduce the HAI mortality rate.

Better antibiotic stewardship

A decline in HAIs results in reduced prescription of antibiotics and better all-round patient health.

You care about your patients

Eliminate HAIs for patients AND staff . Everyone wins.

Clinically proven technology

The large amount of data that Novaerus has collected prove that Novaerus does what it says.
Monitor – Inform – Protect your facility using the latest smart technology platform.

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