Microbial Identification

Bacteria, yeast and fungi identification

Rapidly and accurately identify over 2,900 species of aerobic and anaerobic Bacteria, Yeasts, and Fungi.

Biolog’s advanced phenotypic technology provides valuable information on the properties of strains, in addition to a species-level identification. Molecular methods such as 16s sequencing and MALDI-TOF provide no information about the properties of the strain. Biolog’s carbon source utilization technology identifies environmental and pathogenic microorganisms by producing a characteristic pattern or “metabolic fingerprint” from discrete test reactions performed within a 96 well microplate. Culture suspensions are tested with a panel of pre-selected assays, then incubated, read and compared to our extensive databases.


Getting the answers you need has never been easier

Simple one minute set-up procedure

Gram stain and other pre-tests not needed

Manual, semi-automated and automated solutions for any level of throughput


96 well MicroPlates incorporate a patented Redox tetrazolium dye that changes color as a result of cellular respiration providing a metabolic fingerprint.

Our complete solution includes instruments, consumables, databases, software.

Databases have been designed specifically to support the needs of environmental monitoring, QC microbiology, water and waste-water testing, agricultural and veterinary applications, and other non-clinical needs.


MicroPlates and Databases:

Biolog GEN III

GEN III (Aerobes)

AN Microplate

AN (Anaerobes)

YT microplate

YT (Yeasts)

FF microplate

FF (Filamentous Fungi)

DOWNLOAD COMPLETE LIST OF OUR DATABASE                                         GEN III BROCHURE



Fully automated high throughput aerobic identification



Semi-automated identification for bacteria, yeast, and filamentous fungi



Designed for teaching and low volume applications



Combine the OmniLog and MicroStation to enable identification of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeast, and filamentous fungi.  This combination is the OmniLog Plus System. 


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