Molecular Biology

Labconsult assists life science by fueling it with research tools of premium quality. Our dedication to the molecular biology field has enabled us to deliver outstanding reagents to the life science market. In our commitment to science, we combine excellence with simplicity in order to provide the solutions that scientists constantly seek. We support researchers whose professionalism makes science come alive. Labconsult honors people who have a higher respect for humanity itself than for anything invented by humans. We are devoted to deliver intelligent products and services that render a better life for all. This is our interpretation of life science: we are people, we serve life.

Professionally simple.

  • We offer premium tools for researchers
  • We keep our word
  • We contribute to your success

Labconsult is determined to supply professionally simple life science research productsminimum optimization, fast and easy procedures, short protocols, outstanding performance in both professional and student hands. Our free samples of premium quality tools for end-point PCR, real-time PCR (qPCR), RT-PCR, electrophoresis and other molecular biology applications convince numerous scientists to stay with our products that provide one of the best price-performance ratios in the market supported by our outstanding customer service. We know you have a world full of choices, thus we are especially thankful for trusting and selecting Labconsult.

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